The Body Paint Experience AKA BPX is the creative project of body painter Zami Marx and dancer Jessie Hutchison. The pair also work with other models, dancers, performers and photographers, most notably official photographer Noah Marx. The goal is to take body art to the next level of artistry, and share it in a new way!

Other collaborators include photographers Sebastian Fowler of Galactic Seabass and Andrew Burgher of Follow Media Studios. Featured performers include BB Barnett aka Ember Fire Vixen, Summer Sunshine, Kiran Schwaebe, Jinny Ahn, Chloe Hurtado, Cosmic Mickey, and Katelyn Carano of Santa Barbara Hoop Collective!

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Zami Marx has been professional artist for ten years, and body art is her passion and creative outlet! She has a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she studied painting and photography. When not body painting, Zami is an event entertainer, photographer, and acrylic painter. The human body is her favorite canvas because it comes alive with movement, and brings a deeper level of involvement to the artist, the person being painted, as well as the audience. Zami is a social being and loves to interact with the audience and share her process!

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Jessie Hutchison is a talented model, dancer, hoop and fire performer who loves of making people smile. She works hard and believes in being the best she can be in all aspects of life. From personal relationships, to public performances you can guarantee she is giving it her all. She captures her audience and shines bright on the stage turning music into movement. It is a great joy for her to enchant people through the beautiful art displayed on her body done by her beautiful and talented collaborator Zami Marx. Jessie believes the human body is an amazing work of art and having such a talented painter work with her creates an enticing and sensual experience that will pull you in the moment you see her.

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Noah is a Santa Barbara based photographer who specializes in festival and fire photography. He often collaborates with his wife Zami Marx, a professional body painter, and is the official photographer for the BPX. His perfectionism and attention to detail in his craft brings to life all of the colors and movement in the BPX performances. We couldn’t do it without him!

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